Black Ops Multiplayer Wager Modes

New multiplayer BlackOps video released showing the new wager match mode.

The wager matches are separate from the standard rank progression, and gives players the chance to gamble for currency. The top 3 players of a games are “In the Money” and lower players points.

Different wager modes revealed:

One In The Chamber – Each player starts with a pistol, with 1 bullet, a kill earns a bullet.

Sticks and Stones – Armed with Ballistic Knife, Crossbow and a Tomahawk. Tomahawk kill bankrupts the opponent.

Gun Game – Every kill gives the player a new gun, first player to get through all guns wins.

Sharp Shooter – Players start with the same random weapon, which changes to another random gun after a set time. Each kill earns a perk and eventually a scoring multiplier

Lots of weapons shown, well worth checking out the video.