Call of Duty finally gets a battle royale experience, Blackout. Play as fan favourite characters and battle through iconic maps from the Black Ops universe.

Solo, Duo, Quads

ATV, Chopper, Cargo Truck, Tactical Raft

You can equip 2 Weapons, 1 Health Item, 1 Armor Item, 1 Backpack, 1 Equipment Item and 200 of each Ammo type. Additional Health and Equipment, takes up your 5 inventory slots (10 if a backpack is equipped).

Three health items, First Aid, Med Kit, Trauma Kit (provides extra health).

Special Items
Grapple Gun, Sensor Dart, Mesh Mines, Recon Car, Barricade

Stimulant – Raises maximum health.
Medic – Heal yourself and allies faster.
Consumer – Reduce the time it takes to use items, heal or revive.
Outlander – Reduces circle damage, and increase speed in it.
Paranoia – Receive and alert when being targetted.
Skulker – Run as fast as normal when crouched.
Looter – Reveal nearby stashes and items.
Team Link – See team mates through walls.
Engineer – Reveal vehicles and enemy equipment.
Awareness – Makes enemy footsteps louder.
Reinforced – Reduces damage from explosions and fire.
Dead Silence – Move quietly and make less noise when opening stashes.