Call of Duty World at War – Attachments

Rifle Grenade – Available for the rifles and bolt action rifles. Provides 2 grenades which can be launched from your rifle by pressing left on the D-pad. Can be used very effectively at range or to take out multiple targets.

Suppressor/Flash Hider – Available for the rifles and sub machine guns. Suppressor reduces noise when firing and flash hider reduces muzzle flash. Both work effectively the same way in by making you invisable on the map. However, remember to couple this with camouflage or when the spottter plane comes over your advantage will be stripped. Seems to reduce recoil to a certain extent like in CoD4, as well as reducing strength of certain weapons.

Aperture Sight – Available for the rifles and submachine guns. Acts just like the red dot sight in COD4. A crosshair and central dot appear instead of the iron sights when your weapon is aimed. Gives a small amount of zoom, but the real advantage is the speed at which you aim in. If you’re a runner this should be considered as you can get your weapon up and sighted a fraction quicker than your target.

Dual/Drum Magazine – Available for the sub machine guns. Increases the amount of ammo you weapon can carry at once, reducing reload frequency.

Grip – Available for the trench gun. Reduces the recoil of the weapon allowing quicker aiming.

Bipod – Twin legs that fold out from under the barrel of the weapon, used as a rest. The Bipod is the only attachment you can unlock for some of the machine guns. To use it stand in front of a wall, window or sandbags and hold X (blue). It will then mount your machine gun, changing the view slightly and significantly reduce the recoil and increase accuracy. As a trade of to this you are unable to reload or move/duck whilst mountedIt also seems that the aim assist is also cancelled. After some tests it also appears that the Bi-pod dose not increase the accuracy when not mounted! Also be aware that having the bipod attached can cause havoc when playing Sabotage / S & D levels, as the ‘plant bomb’ and ‘defuse bomb’ actions are using the same button as ‘plant bipod’. These particular games as frantic at best, faffing about with a bipod instead of defusing a bomb, is never a good thing.

Bayonet – Avalable for the rifles, bolt action rifles, trnch gun and some machine guns. Increases the range of your melee attacks. Useful for close quarters fighting, runners or as a final defence. Useful for the trench gun.

Sawn Off – Available for the double barreled shotgun. Increases the hit window of targets but also reduces the range.

Telescopic Sight – Available for the rifles. Acts like an ACOG sight. Offers a zoom level in between sniper scope and apperture sights. Very useful considering the size of many maps. Although reduces accuracy and you cannot hold your breath sniper style.

Sniper Scope – Available for the bolt action rifles as well as the Garand. Gives your rifle a true scope which you can zoom in and hold your breath (press left stick) to allow accurate long range fire.