Zombie Tactics

The Nazi Zombie Survival Guide – List of tips and tactics to help to survive longer! Add your tips by leaving a comment.


– Use your knife and pistol in early rounds.

– Try to get a machine gun (mg/browning all good choices) and the ray gun. A shotgun is the next best choice.

– Try to leave a slow/legless zombie near the end of the round so you can run round and get windows boarded back up and use the random weapon box, whilst one player is leading the zombie around.

– You can also try repairing barricades at a window as 1 zombie is tearing it apart. This will give you more points and if its the last one, then other players can repair the rest and use the random weapon box (note in Verrückt & Shi No Numa – zombies can try and grab you through the barricades!).

– You dont have to look at the barricade whilst rebuilding, check those windows behind you!

– If a zombie has a yellow or gold aurora around his head, then let him into the building (if not too dangerous) as they have a higher % bonus drop rate.

– Bonus pickups last 30 seconds, wait for a good moment to get them, leaving the max ammo pickup as late as possible, and reload first.

Nacht Der Untoten

– Open the basement door first, wave 3-6 (higher wave number the more people playing), player with most points opens it.

– You want to be opening up upstairs via the second room stair case. This leaves an area upstairs with 1 doorway and 1 window to defend (last stand area).

– In the last stand area, you can have 1 person defending the window, and the rest defending the doorway. Grenades can be purchased to help out at the back of this area.

– At this point, at the end of a wave, 1 person can run downstairs to try for a better random weapon, whilst the remaining 3 can blockade the upstairs windows and grab any trench gun ammo. Unless you’ve managed to hold zombie at the window trick, in which case take your time.

– Alternative to the last stand area is the other part of the first floor, as this means all zombies come at you from 1 direction (apart from the 1 window behind you).


– The perk machines are great, use them – especially the juggernog and speed cola.

– Its cheapest to get players in the west room to head for the electricity room, if your plan is to get the power on as soon as possible.

– The betties are replenished at the end of the round, useful for defending seldom used zombie entry points (basement in electricity room).

– The bazooka and m1+grenades now have 15 shots, much improved over original.

– So far the consensus is that the best room to hold is the speed cola room, opened via the kitchen. The zombies do not appear to come through the speed cola room window, just the kitchen window, meaning all other zombies must come through the electricity room.

Shi No Numa

– Random box can be locate by looking in the sky above the possible locations and a shaft of light indicates its whereabouts.

– Wunderwaffe weapon has 15shots, using a 3 round clip. Quick reload useful, else check your reloading for less intense moments.

– Possible places to hold up later in the game:-
1) Upstairs opposite starting point. 2 windows to hold and the stairway up (if upstairs gate not opened)
2) All the huts have 2 windows and a main door (with zapper), except the Fishing Hut (which has 3 windows + door). Doctors quarters is largest giving you some room to manoeuvre and has the zip line.

– Hell Hounds – you want to make sure you all have your backs against a wall, and are covering each other.

Der Riese

– Teleporter rooms are useful to try and hold and if you need to fall back, can use the teleporter to make a quick escape.

– Monkey Bombs should be used, when things get a bit hectic, if there’s a bonus to grab or if someone needs a revive. Be aware that it takes a second or two to throw one though.

– Useful strategy is to stay in start location till round 3/4 depending on points. Then open the lab area and grab shotguns, then head up and turn electricity on (picking up jugger/betties if points allow). Then stay by the electricity/weapons box until it disappears, get good enough weapons, points to start opening teleports.