If you like sneaking about then you’ll likely want a stealthy class configuration.


Remember you will be detected in one of three ways.

1. By firing an unsilenced weapon and showing up on ther radar.
2. By being picked up by an enemy UAV.
3. By your footsteps being heard.

There is a forth way of you being detected which is the most obvious but also least thought about.
Your movement around the map. To a sniper or someone camped out you will be running into the centre of their cross hairs. Try altering your routes through maps around known camping spots, thus surprising the enemy from an unexpected direction. This can be achieved by jumping in or out of windows, using tunnels or along roofs. Also avoid open spaces where you will be easily seen and instead try concealing yourself behind walls or buildings as much as possible.

Use this same advice by looking for movement yourself before you make your move. By remaining still for a few moments you can concentrate on your field of view and will quickly develop the skill of noticing small movements which will give away enemy positions.

Try and run separately from your team as there is nothing more frustrating to run round the map using stealth only to realise you are being followed by a team mate opening up at everything they see. More importantly though is to keep the element of surprise. Your main aim is to either flank your enemy, picking them off one by one before they realise you are there. Otherwise set up an ambush and take down enemies as they bumble past you. Using this second tactic though you should move position just slightly every shot or two as there will always be enemies who will come back to hunt you down. By moving slightly they will rush to where they think you are and present themselves again for you.


If using the UAV perk you do lose Stopping Power so some of the hard hitting guns are the way to go, the AK47, M14, M4, obviously with a silencer to keep that stealth going.

Perk Setup


UAV Jammer

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    1. m4?
      i find the m4 best when it is silenced but with UAV jammer i just think it would be to slow to kill someone, a few more good choices would be the G36C or AK74u.

    2. m4
      wt r u on bout the m4 is like totaly the best gun ever, if i ever go on a killin spree it will defo be my weapon of choice

    eeh, as you said in the guide your foot steps will be heard so i put dead scilence on with the M4 and yes, it is a great weapon

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