World at War Weekender

What a great gaming weekend!

Zavvi finally delivered my copy of WaW at about 10am on Saturday, having been ordered at 4pm on the Thursday, the day before release! Of course, my buddy Nick had already had his delivered at Noon on that Thursday, so got in a good munching of play before any of the rest of us.

What of it then? World at War!

So much more to do than in CoD4, not to say that CoD4 still is not utterly brilliant, as it is, but CoD5 offers up a level(ish) playing field as all combatants search the levels for sneaks, hiding spots and dirty, little camping grounds.

The tanks are blindingly good fun, as is the thrill of the chase trying to dodge and hide, carrying a bazooka, trying to reload and fire off the rocket before the turret rumbles and swings around, not too dissimilar from the finalé of Beach Head, for all you Retroheads, as the long bore cannon bears down on you and THUD-BA-BOOOOOM! You explode in a shower frantic gore.

Shooting the chap in the machine gun turret is also an easy kill – madness, if you ask me. We ought to try out proper tactics really, with the tanks, having our boys crouch walking behind the lead tank, popping out and tearing rogue enemy bazooka boys a new arsehole.

Both the 1-PLY and 4-PLY Campaign modes are brilliant, typically great cut scenes and a high raked level of difficulty give a good challenge rating to these modes.

More importantly are the addition of Campaign Challenges and Death Cards, which when found unlock many cheats within the game, which when used, unlock other aspects – I still await the Beserker. Some of them are downright fiendish – have a buddy throw a grenade at you, for you to then throw back turning, at an enemy – get the kill and you complete a mad challenge and gain 500 XP! There are LOADS like this.

But what drew our attention for the majority of the weekend? Yes – Nazi Zombie Mode.

What an absolute marvel this is.

Two-floor building, zombies staggering in from all directions, manic and maniacal running around trying to get headshots with low-ammo, low-magazine clip weapons. Opening the random weapon crate at a brief lull, only to have to change into a rocket launcher, as your BAR has no ammo!

Much fun.

So much fun – it makes me smile just typing this out.

Only once, last night, did I turn in-game to see an oncoming zombie, previously unbeknowenst to me, flail at me with its coporolitic limbs – I literally shit myself, which drew much glee from my co-players, as my audible fright was broadcast through the chat channel.

We managed 15 rounds with four of us once. last game we managed 14 rounds with three. Glory boxing.

Play it.

Love it.

And then play it again.