World at War Update + Hotfix

Few changes to CODWW over the last week. Firstly Treyarch release the 2nd Title Update last week (26/feb/09) this gave us a new map (Makin Day) and a host of bug fixes, hoorah!

However this introduced a few issues and a hotfix was released on 3rd feb, trouble is this hotfix seemed to have caused even more issues!

To start with the hotfix has ‘solved’ a bipod deploy issue, by not allowing you to deploy bipods now! Couldnt Treyarch of just fixed the issue? This seems a little shoddy to me.

But the big issue which is causing quite a few heated arguments over at the official forum(, is that tanks have been removed from all hardcore game modes. Why the hell have they done that? I realise some people struggle with taking tanks out, but it aint that hard and why remove them after so long? I could go on and on. But basically they should be adding game modes if they want to try different things, not alter the existing ones, eg Really Hardcore mode – no tanks, no perks, no gun attachments.