World At War Beta – Update

The level 11 cap got expanded to level 24 at the weekend, so a bit more testing was due :o) Hardcore mode was also available, and so ive been playing a lot of HC Team DeathMatch.

The new lvl24 ceiling gives us a few new weapons to unlock, only at lvl21 so have only got the DP-28, M1 Garand & Mosin-Nagant so far (unlocked in that order). Havent given them much of a play with yet as ive been unlocking attachments on the MP40.

Most interesting perk to come looks to be the Bouncing Betty which is unlocked at lvl24. Similar to the claymore in COD4, but this is a 360 mine which springs out of the ground!

Also been giving the War game type a bit of a go, similar to Domination in COD4, but its just 1 flag to get at a time. It can get very frantic!