World At War Beta – First Impressions

Spent a few hours over the weekend on the Call Of Duty World at War beta.

Three levels to try with player level maxing out at 11.

So hows it play? pretty good, very cod4ish – no lag at all in room i was in. (there is an option to restrict who you connect to in lobby i was reading – so you can select Local if laggy then it should only connect to local players, which should deal with the lag – sounds good).

Seems you need to hit people a few more times than cod4 for a kill, but that might just because im a noob, or the starting weapons, or restricted perks. need a bit more play on that to see.

graphics/sound impressive, especially the sound. id say better than cod4. lots of swearing, which i approve of, lol.

uav is same as cod4, artillery is quite cool, sound is immense. the dogs are quite well done, as u can take them out – but one of the maps which is in the dark makes it more tricky

tanks! one of the maps has a couple of tanks to jump in. good fun, but are easy to take out, which i think helps, plus on foot theres loads of places to skirt around/hide and creep up on them, so they arent a pain in the arse.