What a fucking rush that was.

Was playing a few HQs last night, concentrating on my M21-specific challenges and in the lobby we were presented with Wetworks, which, as we all know, is a fat fucking pig as HQ.

Some impish little fellow was spamming the airwaves with “Skip, skip, skip, skip, skip…” sounding much like he’d pissed his pants and finally, with 2 seconds before game time, the vote passed and the map skipped to The Shipment.

His spam changed from ‘skip’ to ‘shit’, so I knew it was going to be rubbish.

Waiting for the players to connect, I pressed Start to check the map and was instantly confused, the map was fucking tiny – and I’d still chosen my M21. What the hell – bring it on.

What followed was 15 minutes of absolute, beautiful, thrilling and blood pressure-increasing mayhem, as we desperately tried to locate, take and defend the HQs…

Fucking classic.

It was like playing the old Time Splitters II on ‘mental’ level – pure genius. Grenade warnings in the multiples all over the screen, people shooting their own players, fragging, smokes, players jack-knifing up and down from prone to standing like demented marionettes, others wildly running into things in blind panic and other players with murderous intentions, knifings a-plenty – total carnage.

I couldn’t even be bothered to change my weapon of choice – I was racking up the kills with the Sniper Rifle, bloody marvellous! And getting a handy grenade into one of the open cargo containers – BOOM – three kills! Challenge Complete!

I have never played with such ferocity and glee, hammering the respawn button, as invariably – neither team managed to command the HQ for very long.

Loved it. Absolutely fucking loved it.