Search and Destroy

I am having an increasing amount of fun playing S & D team matches, having moved on from the thrills and kills of Headquarters…

I still love HQs and it really does smash up your score and levels you up fairly quickly, but, as I am still determined to max out my Sniping Classes, I am playing with either a M21, or the Dragunov, which, in close quarters (the majority of the maps) is just a nightmare.

If Overgrown, Bog, Pipline, or Vacant come up – I am in my element and despite being an utter n00b, I can manage to get upto about third in the team rankings, almost always with the least deaths. However, as I am also a bit of a Gung-Ho Idiot, I still gain bonus points by taking HQs and Destroying them. Lovely.

My Claymores are becoming a bit of an issue, as I still faff about like a demented mole trying to plant them, forgetting to use the right trigger – it just feels all wrong and I invariably end up green’d out looking through my goggles like a prize fool.

Also, I still need to take down a Chopper, so I must revert to the RPG until that particular challenge is complete.

My Knife skills are also woefully inadequate.

So, onto S & D…

Took me a few maps to get my head around the premise of actually being able to pick the bomb up and to recognise all of the Victory conditions, but now I have it – it is superb!

I love the idea of the non-spawning lives – it makes you play with so much more enthusiasm for the ‘reality’ of the situation, than in a Deathmatch, with endless instant spawns… And because of this fact, it effectively opens up for Snipers (and all others, of course) every map, as people are taking care not to die and have to wait until the next round to play again.

There’s a tension too, when you are the Last Man Standing (got that challenge done!) and you are fighting against one other opponent, either protecting, planting, or defusing the bomb. Real good anticipation there and I also enjoy the spectator cam on your remaining teammate(s) trying desperately to win the round.

Playing these as a full team of Clan Mates would be wicked, but as of yet, I haven’t got the chaps to do this, but – there’s no reason why we can’t…

It makes for a more anxious and tense game – I love it.