Strange that they’ve taken the deviation from the norm and called their Zombie Mode “Night of the Undead”, when all else assumes that they are already undead and calls it Night of the Dead, or The Living Dead… I am so interesting, I Google Translated “Nacht Der Untoten”.

But what a session last night! Letzte Nacht!

ProEvo came and played – our last game of the nacht and it was his first time on the (unlocked) Nazi Zombie Mode, joining Nicster, Reapa and myself and it proved to be the best combo of a team we’ve ever had.

The game lasted for 50 minutes and took us past The Witching Hour, the latter thirty of which minutes was spent in absolute and utter terror and frantic madness, as we moved from the ground floor rooms up into the first floor, at each Wave End using the wave lull (you’ll know if you’ve played it) to send one of us off into the ‘Random Gun Room’ to open up what we hope ian’t a Bazooka, or Flame Thrower, whilst looking very pretty, have the close quarters ability of a potato wedge. And you’d think the Flamer would be good, but its latent power rating is just not sufficient to halt the advancing Zombies, as they get tougher the further you progress.

They get tougher and they increase in numbers and they stop shuffling about the place like dejected lovers and start shambolically running at you, arms flailing, trying to tear your face apart. The bodies pile up and banditing around with Flamers and Bazookas is a one-way ticket to the floor, pistol in hand, muttering “I’m down! revive me!”. The Flamer just ruins everyone’s perception and visibility – screen literally alight with fire, reducing all skill levels to ‘RUN AWAY’. The Bazooka is just ridiculous, it’s like trying to ping out tanks in Multiplayer, but these tanks aren’t lumbering, hulks of metal – they’re crazed, yet focused images of a living nightmare intent upon feasting on your grim gore. And they’re relentless.

Man are they relentless.

The relative calm and jovial LIVE Chat of the first 5 rounds slowly degrades into a babble of terror-stricken questions and requests, sporadic interjections of “I’M RELOADING – WHO’S ON THE FRONT DOOR?!??!!!” to “Shit – they’re in the back here!” and “Get back in the room! Who’s not in the room! GET BACK!”…

It’s like playing Aliens of the Dead on acid in the dark, with twittering beasts in your brains.

The lighting (what we can make of it, cramped and camped in our back room) darkens and the sound gets moodier and down-right scary as the waves of zombies progress. We made it to Level 17 last night – an achievement, in our eyes. Roll on level 20…

It is a classic of the bonus level world and should be played regularly.

But with the lights on.

And with someone else in the house…

What was that noise??!


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  1. I think with a bit better
    I think with a bit better luck with the random weapons, we can do quite a few more rounds. RayGuns x2, MG42 x2, TrenchGuns x4 would be ideal (went with 4 trench guns as waiting for the max ammo drop, can be nervy!).

    1. Weaps
      I think the 2 x Ray Gun is a must, to have a spare is absolutely needed. Doesn’t the Trench Gun have low shot capacity, ie. only 4 shots before a reload?

      Opening up the back room should happen at the end of round two – we should let one of us kill all zombies with headshots on the first two waves. Gaining enough points to open up the back room almost straight away and getting a random weapon.

      The other three should then use pistol headshots in rounds 3 and 4 to get enough points to get a random weapon.

      We then have to share the killing to allow all of us to try for a random weapon every Wave Lull (coined!), therefore we can use as many Wave Lulls as possible early on to try for the 2 x Decent Guns we need.

      With all of us on 2 x Decent Guns, we’ll be unstoppale. I still think the Ray Gun is the way forward – loads in the clip and 160 capacity.

      What we NEED to do – is try for Random Weapon Drops as many times as possible in the early stages, because as soon as we open up the top floor (we did this at level 11 or 13 last night?), only one person per WL can get to it, without having to fight their way back up…

      Unless we’re really proactive on keeping the penultimate zombie “alive”, whilst all else board up all the entrances and we all go for a RWD.


      Get a section going!

        1. I wholeheartedly disagree and
          I wholeheartedly disagree and will prove so with a solo effort of Zombie Killing – CHALLENGE! – let’s see who can clear the most / last the longest… If you can play it solo…

          We need to utilise the RWD as much as possible – there is no point us all having 10,000+ points, we need to start cycling through weapons until we all have 2 x Decent Guns.


          We = Win.

  2. Level 21
    We got made LV 21, Weapons we have was Sniper, Machine Gun and Ray Gun, and stayed on Help Room on First Floor

    1. Level 27.
      We made it to level 27 by using the same idear but we all had ray guns and flamethrowers

  3. word
    to whoever wrote this initial article – you are a fantastic writer.

    Greetings from Oz


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