MW2 DLC feature requests

The rumours are that there are 2 DLC packs lined up for MW2 (perhaps more). Obviously this will include new multiplayer maps, but what interests me is what else we might see (or would like to see).

My requests would be:

4 Player Special Ops – Surely not that difficult to include and I would say this is 1 place that MW2 is beaten my WaW. If 4 player mode were included, I don’t see how many of the current missions would work, IW could perhaps alter a couple to be 4 player, but I think we would need some specific 4 player missions.

More Special Ops Missions –
I would definitely like to see a ‘Horde/Wave’ mode, rather than a specific objective type mission. An open ended game types would be a great addition (especially in a 4 player mode).

Taking this further, it would be nice to be able to alter how this mode is played via some options. Some ideas:-

1) Starting weapons could be selected (from a few to choose from, to a large selection)
2) What about allowing this mode on a selection of levels. So give a map choice.
3) Allow Killstreaks! – Would make it very frantic!

Of course what drives this is the competition between friends, so scores/time achieved would need to go into an online score board, so we can check out friends scores, and try and beat them.