Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer Trailer Analysis

A new Modern Warfare 3 trailer has been released, and it reveals quite a few details about weapons, perks, equipment and killstreaks. We get to see the load outs of 4 different classes (click the image for a larger version).

Class 1

Weapons: M4, M320GLM.
Equipment: Flash Grenade, Frag Grenade.
Perks: Recon, Quickdraw, Stalker.
Killstreak: UAV(3), Overwatch(9), Juggernaut(15)

Class 2

Weapons: M4 (ACOG), FMG9.
Equipment: Bouncing Betty, EMP Grenade.
Perks: Extreme Conditioning, Assassin, Sitrep.
Killstreak: Airdrop Trap(7), Remote Turret(9), EMP(11)

Class 3

Weapons: ACR 6.8 (Red-Dot), XM25.
Equipment: Claymore, Portable Radar.
Perks: Recon, Blast Shield, Dead Silence.
Killstreak: Ballistic Vests(5), Recon Drone(10), Stealth Bomber(14)


Weapons: ACR 6.8 (Hybrid Scope), Draganov.
Equipment: Trophy System, Throwing Knife.
Perks: Blind Eye, Overkill, Siterep.
Killstreak: Scavenger Pro(2), Steady Aim Pro(4), Marksman Pro (6)