Gaming accessories Call of Duty players will love

The recent release of Call of Duty: Black Ops II in November was the biggest launch in gaming history, whether for PC games, console games or mobile games. The worldwide event saw openings all over the globe, and just 24 hours after the launch, sales had reached $500 million, breaking the previous record by a massive $100 million. Clearly Black Ops II is no ordinary game, and to do the record-breaking title justice, you need to settle down to a good session with a few new gaming

One of the best things about the Call of Duty franchise is that the games really put you in the middle of the action. It’s exciting stuff as you fire away or try to stealthily sneak up on an unsuspecting opponent. However, while the various developers over the years have done nearly all they can to make the game as involving as possible, there is still a bit more that you can do. One great way to really get in the spirit for war is to order yourself a beautiful camouflage net. While the decorative adornment will not necessarily enhance your game playing ability, you will, nonetheless, look really cool, which is half the battle.

The Call of Duty series has become famous for its brilliant online multiplayer mode. The function is so good that it can keep you playing into the small hours. To stay on top of your game and keep your kill averages up it can help to have a bit of help from some energising accessories. There are the traditional options on offer such as a cup of tea or coffee, however, in this digital age, there is also the option of more modern aides, such as energy drinks or even energy gum.

The hours that you can rack up playing Call of Duty means that, at some point, comfort can become an issue, with traditional seating that is. However, with a dedicated gaming chair you can all but eliminate cramp and bedsores. Gaming seats can be a little on the expensive side, but your body will certainly thank you. The Ace Bayou Sound X-Rocker is probably the most comfortable on the market, while the Gyroxus GSR-71c mixes comfort with immersion.

Call of Duty is all about stealth and accuracy. While stealthiness has a lot to do with patience, you can get a bit of external to boost your accuracy. However, companies like Kontrol Freek help you take your gunmanship to the next level with their development of specialised rubber attachments for your control. The fittings provide you with extra control to help you lock onto targets with greater speed and accuracy. The analogue stick covers come in a variety of colours and are optimised for different needs, such as control, precision or