Friendly Chopper on the Way…

Ooh Arr! I finally got me a chopper in this morning, during my 30 minute CoD snippet before work.

Was happily caining HQs on Bog map and the HQ placement was in the empty container at the back of the lot – brilliant for sniping, as long as your team mates prevent being shot from behind, by constantly watching your flank (which the eventually failed me on!).

Prone, behind a tree looking down the scope through the container, you can see the tree and oil drum the enemy come from, and also one side of the back wall at the right hand side of the map – all great for Super Sniping.

UAV -> Airstrike -> Chopper -> first time in a week of playing it (all with Sniper Rifles).

I completed so many challenges and I have furthered my ability to get a quick knifing in, whilst reloading, or generally spacking about, whimpering and moaning after getting side-shot.

Perks still using: Claymores + Stopping Power + Deep Impact.

Managed to finish second, with only 13 points off the top score and we won the map 250 – nil. 20 kills, 8 assists and only 10 deaths (the lowest on the team).

It would seem that I am getting a little more used to the practicalities of the game.

I really think it does take a good 10 hours playing to fully realise the limitations and the mechanics of the gameplay and indeed, the CoD MW game engine.

Downpour has become one of my favourite maps, as has Showdown, as has, well – all of them really – I still get a bit of a headache from Backlot, Crash and Ambush (this one especially – though, I did a great HTD last night with GeoffBot and we did well) as there are too many twists and turns and there is a much larger propensity for close quarters fighting.

LVL 30 now and loving it, opened up Double Tap (hmmm, used those types of guns loads!) and have also opened up the “Killer” Boot Camp Challenges. Managed last night to also get almost all of the S & D Challenges complete – ‘Hero’ left though…

Roll on the weekend…