COD Roundup – Map Pack 2 Wish List

Well not much has been happening in the world of Call of Duty, since the release of the first World at War map pack a month ago and the Modern Warfare 2 teaser trailer. Tanks are still not back in WaW Hardcore modes, and there has seemed to be some connection issues over last couple weeks.

This has led to playing some COD4 (no connection probs!), but mainly a lot of time has been spent with the new zombie mode. Got my 4 player record of level 33, recently, which took near 4 hours!

During all this play, my friends and I have been discussing the potential map pack 2. Which we assume Treyarch will be releasing after the success of the map pack 1 DLC. Of course we would expect some new online maps, but we would love to see further zombie additions.

Obviously new levels would be nice (more than 1?), ideas we’ve had are:-

8 Player – More players = more fun!

Map editor – a full editor would be tricky on the consoles, but perhaps just allow placement of different types of barricades, in a fixed map. I’m thinking hordes of zombies running across a Seelow type map, attacking your defensive barricade structure.

Options – Would be nice to configure options before a game to give multiple types of play. Perhaps thing like:

  1. Number of zombies per round
  2. Slow to fast zombie ratio
  3. Zombie number increase rate
  4. Zombie toughness increase rate
  5. Gun selection – select which weapons appear at certain wall locations
  6. Random box guns – select which weapons are in the box
  7. Set guns costs
  8. Start with x points ready to spend
  9. Bomb, InstaKill, Max Ammo drops – select % chance

Leave a comment if you have any other ideas. But we can only hope and wait.