COD – more downloadable content in future.

There’s been a lot of press recently concerning the upcoming COD World At War with it have downloadable content (DLC) on the day of release (Day One Advantage).
This obviously isnt as bad as people have been led to believe, it’s just that preorders and collectors addition – get a gun unlocked early.

However the interesting thing is that Activision Publishing CEO Mike Griffith has said that there will be 3 times more DLC in forthcoming COD games
Obivously this means paid for content. Now the COD4 map pack for me, was well worth the money to download. But how many are we going to be seeing for CODWW and at what cost? Furthermore, what if this DLC expands to guns/perks. You then get in a situation where the game becomes unbalanced for those without.

One other interesting point in that edge article, the average Call of Duty player has spent nearly five full 24-hour days playing! I think im just above that, and i have a feeling CODnChips’ Simon is probably treble that!


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  1. CoD Map Pack

    Do amy of you know if and when the variety Pack will become FoC?

    It is still 800 MS Points and I am loathe to spend.

    Are the 4 maps worth it?

    1. Re: CoD Map Pack
      It probably will at some point, but i doubt it’ll be anytime soon.

      They aint bad – Killhouse is only playable with some game modess so u probably wont get to play it much. But the other 3 are pretty good, Creek and Chinatown are cool. Lot of people dont like Broadcast, there are some glitch sniper spots.

      Btw, some weekends they do a half price offer – 400 points.

      1. Mappage
        Broadcast – is that the one in SPM where you walk into a room, like a large office with walkways and mezzanines and all fucking hell breaks loose?


        Weekend half price sounds goodly.

        I’m not at all going to be on it for 12 hours on Saturday…


        ps. How about my own N00b section / Blog?


        I like to write!

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