Challenges and Unlockable Goods…

I am still massively into the M21 Sniper Rifle and have nearly maxed out all challenges for it.

The scope had me scuppered for a bit, I have to say – I didn’t realise I was losing range, for accuracy and to be honest, the red ‘up-arrow’ sight isn’t the best at all – much prefer the croos-hairs of the non-ACOG version.

It has a great deal of penetration when used with Deep Impact and I generally have Stopping Power / UAV Jammer and extra frags too, since I am still too low level for the claymores…

Played the first large multiplayer game last night for about 5 hours with a core of 5 other people, giving us a rounded and balanced team of 6: two snipers and 4 out-and-out gun-slingers.

The Domination game was awesome – it gives you focus and stops the majority of people camping in one place, claymoring themselves up and medium-range sniping the shit out of anything that moves.

Gotta love Bog though – wicked map.

Finally unlocked the next Sniper Rifle: Dragunov – I’ll get onto it tonight, back to the old cross-hairs.

Bang-bang – you’re dead.