Black Ops Multiplayer Analysis

The Black Ops multiplayer teaser trailer was released yesterday, as you are all probably aware and it has a vast amount of info in there to extract. Here follows a selection of screenshots with comments.

One of the first scenes in the trailer shows a player creeping up on an opponent with a picture provided by a remote camera. Also note on screen compass.

Just before this we can see an opponents weapon, a suppressed MP5K.

3 kill streak earns an explosive remote control car. Compass now also indicates current killstreak available. Opponents standard MP5K also shown.

Screenshot of the RC Car in action, about to take out these 2 players.

4 kill streak earns what very much looks like a care package. The player has also just picked up the ‘Crossbow Explosive Tip’

5 kill streak earns a missile of some sort.

This could possible be it incoming about to take out the player.

A ballistic knife!

Another opponent weapon spot – Steyr AUG

Looks like the killcam has the option to record.

To manage them in segments.

And to save them!

If you spot any other interesting items we’ve missed, let us know on our twitter account.