Black Ops 2 Multiplayer Reveal

Treyarch has revealed a few Black Ops 2 multiplayer details at the German games show Gamescom.

Interesting points are that kill streaks have been replaced by score streaks, which should award team play not just kills.

There is also a new class creation system, which allows you to pick any 10 pieces of content for your class, but you don’t have to take content from a category. So you could not spend a point on a secondary weapon and use that point for an extra attachment.

Other things revealed at this Alpha stage were:-
Perk 1: Flak Jacket, Ghost, Blind Eye, Hardline, Lightweight
Perk 2: Hardwire, Scavenger, Cold Blooded, Toughness, Fast Hands
Perk 3: Engineer, Dead Silence, Extreme Conditioning, Tactical Mask, Awareness, Dexterity

Assault: AN-94, M8A1, Type 25, SA-58
Shotguns: M1216, Saiga-12, R-870, MCS
Sniper: DSR 50, SVU-AS, Ballista
Lethal: Grenade, Semtex, Axe, Claymore, C4, Bouncing Betty
Tactical: Smoke, Flashbang, Concussion, Shock Charge, EMP

Reflex, Target Finder, Hybrid Optic, Fast Mag, Fore Grip, Laser Sight, Adjustable Stock, Quickdraw, Millimeter Scope, Grenade Launcher, Select Fire, ACOG, FMJ, Extended Clip, Dual Wield, Tactical Knife, Rapid Fire, Variable Zoom, and Ballistics.