Advanced Warfare’s multiplayer mode details

With the release of the multiplayer trailer for advanced warfare we now have a few details about the new features and changes of the game


  • “Boost jump” – jump much higher than in the past
  • “Slam” – an air-to-ground melee attack
  • “Boost dodge” – dodge while on the ground
  • “Boost dash” – move quickly in a direction while in mid-air
  • “Boost slide” – slide while on the ground
  • Exo abilities are selectable within Pick 13 (see below) and are usable for as long as battery power is available
  • “Exo cloak” – turn at least partially invisible
  • “Exo shield”
  • “Exo cover”
  • “Exo launcher”
  • Super punch – rather than using a knife, you can punch an enemy player to death

Player Customization:

  • XP still exists and is the “backbone” of the ranking system
  • Create-an-Operator lets you customize the look of your character, including your head, helmet, exoskeleton, gloves, and boots
  • Pick 13 system replaces Pick 10
    You can select up to four score streaks or none at all, giving you more room to select Exo suit abilities or other items
  • Scorestreaks can be customized to make them more powerful; doing so doesn’t cost Pick 13 points
    Co-op scorestreaks let players work together, like allowing two players to make use of a flying vehicle
  • Virtual firing range allows you to try out your custom loadout without having to go into a multiplayer match
  • Virtual Lobby — show off your character in the lobby, allowing you to view other players’ look and loadout
  • Supply drops — rewarded through things like in-game challenges and time played; rewards you with weapons, special care packages
    Three rarity levels: Enlisted, Professional, and Elite
    Weapon loot — custom weapons that modify weapons’ base stats
    Character gear will also be available, allowing you to customize your look as part of the Create-an-Operator feature
    Thousands of rewards available and billions of possible combinations


  • 12 multiplayer modes on day one
  • CTF, Search & Destroy, Hardpoint all returning
    Round-based Domination
  • Uplink – new mode where two teams fight for control of a drone that can be passed between players


  • Maps have dynamic elements, such as water from the ocean flooding a level when a tsunami rolls in
  • Four maps announced today:
    Biolab — set in a bioengineering laboratory
    Riot — set in a prison in Baghdad
    Ascend — set in a space elevator terminal
    Defender — set in San Francisco next to the Golden Gate Bridge, features the aforementioned tsunami