Moon – Zombies

Moon – Moonbase Map

The World at War Zombie hunters are once again in the this black ops DLC map, Moon.

Point scoring
Hit – 10 points
Headshot – 100 points
Barrier Rebuild – 10 points

New Perks
Perk-a-Cola: Mule Kick – gives the player a third weapon slot.

New Features
Low gravity environment and gravity lifts.

New Zombies
Phasing Zombies – Crawler zombies that rapidly vanish and reappear.
Astronaut Zombies – Randomly appearing (with a friends name), they try and grab and headbutt the player, somehow causing them to teleport to a random point on the map, taking the player’s first perk and causing damage.

New Weapons
Wave Gun – Can be dual wielded, or combined with the affect of making zombies expand and explode.

Quantum Entanglement Device (QED) – random effect. Can create explosions, spawn a weapon from the mystery box and a powerup call ‘Bonus Points’.