Mobile Sniper

Mobile Sniper

Very much a sniper but wish to perhaps vary your play somewhat, or perhaps impatient and want to get into the action.


The tactic of mobile sniping can be used amazingly effectively as you use stealth, suprise and cleaver thinking to outwit your apponent. Mobile sniping generally replaces the standard practice of camping in a good vantage point with moving stratigically throughout the map.

By using this tactic your position and movements are unpredictable allowing you to outflank the enemy. Try and move after every shot or two as to keep the enemy from getting a fix on your position and rushing or fraging you. Use the radar map to keep ahead of the enemy and try and find out which direction or route they are taking. You can then either cut them off accross the map or set up an ambush and wait for them to dither into your crosshairs.

You can also use the sniper rifles power as an offensive weapon, especially with the ACOG and steady aim to take down targets quickly with single shots. You can cover large areas of the map and as long as you have good cover, or are just out of accurate range of the enemy, can become a real pain for them to eliminate.

Weapon choice

Any of the sniper rifles can be used, the decision is down to personal preference. The Barrett and R700 can take down targets with single shots but there recoil means shots in quick succession at missed or multiple targets can be slow. However the other rifles will sometimes require two shots, especially with juggernauts, to take them down.

Other choices are the G3 which is amazingly accurate and can go head to head with a sniper rifle at all but the most extreme of ranges. It works particularly well with the silencer which reduces recoil and keeps you stealthly.

The ACOG is a good choice for all the rifles as with practice can be vey quick to aim, although is not as accurate as the full scope and you cannot hold your breath.


Perk Setup

Claymores – same as standard sniper class.
Bandolier– ditto

Triple grenade is useful, frag or special, as you can either flush people out of cover or defend against a rush attack. C4 can be used instead of claymores but you cannot totally focus as you have to keep an eye on them. RPG is an interesting choice for a sniper as it packs a real punch and can be used to flush out apposing snipers very effectively. Simply fire it into the opposite teams sniper spots, usually buildings, and you can either take several kills or give yourself time to settle in then wait for them to return to position where you can just pick them off! It does stick out off your back though so be careful when trying to blend in and the trail from it also alerts everyone to your where abouts, so fire and move