Death Card Combination Guide

So you’ve unlocked the death cards, but what combinations to try?

– Death cards that make it harder:

Victory – Undead Soldier – Body Armor – Flak Jacket – Vampire – Sticks & Stones – Cold Dead Hands – Hard Headed

Any selection of these is going to make it a lot harder, turn them all on for the ultimate test!

– Death cards that make it easier, more amusing:

Paintball – Berserker – Painkiller – Suicide King – Thunder.

Suicide King (explosive shots, whilst down) + Thunder (explosive headshots) – Gives lots of explosions 🙂

Any alternatives, leave a comment.

2 Replies to “Death Card Combination Guide”

  1. How do you combine?
    How do you combine, then how do you get to the place to combine them

    1. in the options menu
      On the main co-op campaign page, where you select which mission you wish to play. You need to head in to the options menu to select required death cards.

      Note: only the host gets to choose the options, and only the death cards he has can be selected.

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