Countdown Map


This map is based on a missile silo with hangers at each spawn point and is filled with random cover.

Countdown Map - Call Of Duty 4

Countdown initially feels very open but is actually very enclosed allowing only small, although very long range, fields of view.

Caution seems to be the best tactic, gradually sweeping the map then holding or pinning the enemy. Move from cover to cover clearing areas then camp down and pick off your targets.

Each missile site is a good start, either lying on the lip or jumping up the lid. When on the offensive, this lid offers excellent views of the enemy hangers and spawn points.

Around the outskirts offer good snipping points, on top of the trucks, next to barrels or other cover. Be wary though, as each type of cover offers different levels of protection. I find that the two ‘skips’ offer very little cover unlike the barrels which are impenetrable.

I feel an assault rifle or acog sniper have the edge or rushers will have a field day with you.

Countdown is a good example of how combat can flow within a map. By gradually moving up the map you can maneuver the enemy into a corner and hold them there. Just remember not to push too much or they will switch spawn sites. Although this is not a massive problem, if your team is vocal as you can quickly relocate and reapply the pressure.

On the other hand you can become trapped in your own spawn point where you will either have to camp down or rush and break out.

The alternative to this, as well as a bloody good tactic in itself, is stealth. The UAV HUD will be most peoples guide on this map. It will be used when you first re-spawn as well as when you clear your area of targets. If you take yourself off this, either by just silencing or with UAV jammer, you have a major advantage.

By going stealthy at least with a silencer, it is possible to take out multiple targets by ‘lone wolfing it.’ Either running through the map or running the opposite direction of your team mates round the map. You will be presented with groups of targets all preoccupied with their backs to you, nice.

The silenced G3 seems to be particularly suited for countdown as it works perfectly at range but keeps your cover.

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