Death Cards

Death card locations and effects for co-op play. Check out our combination guide for ways to combine these.

Eight of Hearts
Thunder: Headshots now cause enemies to explode
Map: Semper Fi
Location: First open shack on the right after the start.

Four of Clubs
Hard Headed: Enemies will take less bullet damage
Map: Little Resistance
Location: Once facing the large bunker, enter the right trench, exit and its in the right corner in the brush.

King of Hearts
Suicide King: Explosive pistol rounds while downed.
Map: Hard Landing
Location: Before you pass through the first building look for a small lantern lighting the darkened room.

Five of Diamonds
Cold Dead Hands: No dropped guns, so ammunition scarce.
Map: Vendetta
Location: In the first building behind the bar.

Sticks and Stones: No firearms!
Map: Their Land, Their Blood
Location: In the barn after disposing of a tank. Grab it from the stable before exiting.

Queen of Hearts
Vampire: Your health is only recharged by killing enemies
Map: Burn ‘Em Out
Location: After the first mortar pit, head back left towards the next, its in a darkened bunker.

Nine of Diamonds
Flak Jacket: Enemies take less grenade damage
Map: Relentless
Location: Head into the caves, where it forks there is a small hallway that links both paths, its in the middle.

Jack of Spades
Body Armour: Enemies only die with headshots
Map: Ring of Steel
Location: On entering the asylum, keep left and its next to a dead soldier.

Ace of Spades
Undead Soldiers: Enemies are now zombies
Map: Eviction
Location: Past the kitchen, keep right, drop through the hole in the floor

Ten of Clubs
Painkiller: Revive team mates by shooting them
Map: Blowtorch and Corkscrew
Location: After the first bunker you blow up, head to the left and its in a stone structure

Three of Diamonds
Berserker: 3 kills in 5 seconds rewards rage mode, giving invincibility but only a knife
Map: Breaking Point
Location: After the third morter, on the right side is a small shack

Six of Clubs
Paintball: Paint splatter instead of blood
Map: Heart of the Reich
Location: Right at the start head left, and its in the subway tunnel

Two of Spades
Victory: Hardcore mode
Map: Downfall
Location: Going up the staircase to the theater hallways, look for a darkened room on the right