Type 99

Type 99
Fully automatic light machine gun.
Toploader banana magazine.
Effective at short medium and long range.

The type 99 is the first LMG you have access to so often gets over looked when the next guns get unlocked. However it does have some nice features.

It has a reasonably good stopping power but this is improved by its high rate of fire. One thing it does have over most other machine guns is a low and predictable recoil. This allows some effevtive long range covering fire.

There is, however a but or two. The first being the obstructive sight coupled with the banana magazine resulting in only being able to see half the screen. This means you are very vulnerable to rushers, especially coming from your right as you won’t see them until they fall over you. This can be overcome by zooming in only briefly.
The second problem is the small clip size and high rate of fire. Although the magazine change time is not bad its still not brilliant.

Over all a good gun but will have to be used with some thought to get the most out of it.