Type: Full-Auto SMG
Range: Close – Medium
Damage: Average
Accuracy: Average
Recoil: Average
Magazine: Average
Reload Speed: Fast

Unlocked: level 1

This is the basic starting SMG.

Hardcore profile.

Considered by some to be over powered/ranged. Very effective rush gun able to take out targets upto medium/long distance.

Perks/attachments to consider.

The sights are good enough to not require the rectical sight.
Silencer can be very useful if stealthing and also reduces the, already low, recoil.
However, the drum magazine enables you to not have to waste perk 1 with bandalier and allow grenades or bettys to be taken.
The drum is also a must if you opt to use double-tap, which in my opinion turns this sub into a monster. It gives you the rate of fire as pps but seems to be more accurate and takes down targets faster.
Stopping poer is useful but not as effective as double-tap imho!