Fully automatic rifle
Effective at all ranges

Used effectively, this is one of the most versatile and deadly weapons in WAW. It has the stopping power to drop a target with just 1-2 hits (hardcore) and the accuracy to engage targets at range (But not quite countersnipe). All this with the added bonus of being fully automatic.

This has become one of the guns that I will fall back onto if losing heavily. It is quick and powerful and is adaptable to most situations and playing styles.

Works well with the silencer to produce a very effective stealth class, mainly because you will be able to take on anything you come accross.

The scope was my original favourite due to the larger map sizes. With it fitted you can engage and drop targets at range again and again.

The rectical sight however makes the rifle much quicker and accurate. Targets will drop as soon as they appear.

Makes an excellent secondary overkill weapon when sniping as rushers will not expect to be met head on with probably more firepower than they can muster.