Type: Full-Auto SMG
Range: Close – Medium
Damage: Average
Accuracy: Average
Recoil: Average
Magazine: Average
Reload Speed: Fast

Unlocked: level 10
Attachments: Suppressor, Apperture Sight, Extra Ammo clip

The MP40 is a handy little SMG which works well for a number of reasons.

Firstly – it isn’t very large and therefore does not easily give away your position as it protrudes before you, neither does it get in the way when running around / crouching, taking cover – it is quick and simply aimed, allowing a large visual area to keep an eye on any other enemies.

Secondly – there isn’t much kick and taking down enemies that don’t have Juggernaut on is quick and simple. Also, for an SMG, the range and effectiveness you achieve is quite remarkable.

All in all, a good, useful SMG and with the Apperture Sight attached, great for those interested in Run ‘n’ Gun… For longer levels, the additional Ammo Clip is really handy too. Placed in between the bulky Thompson and the unwieldly Type 100, you’ll find yourself returning to the MP40 again and again.