M1 Garand

M1 Garand
Semi automatic
Effective at medium to long range.

The M1 Garand is a well balanced single shot rifle. Good power enables single shot take downs to be the norm (in hardcore) althought the recoil is more pronounced than the other rifles.

Targeting rectical speeds up the aiming but realistically the increased recoil reduces the ability to burst fire like the SVT etc.

Grenade launcher (noob tube) can be very effective as can the bayonett which increases you short range effectiveness.

Which leaves the sniper scope!

This is the only semi rifle that has a true sniper scope as apposed to the “ACOG” type scopes fitted to the others. This means it is a semi auto sniper rifle with low recoil! In hardcore with some practice you can take down three targets in the time it takes a bolt action to reload ONCE. IMHO this is the best hardcore sniper rifle there is. Dont get me wrong, other rifles are more accurate, more powerful and easier to use. But the speed at which you can down multiple targets outways all of this. You can take on multiple snipers with confidence but taking out rusher after rusher as they try and storm your position is beyond priceless!
Only down is you dont get the gillie suit!