Type: Full-Auto Machine Gun
Range: Medium
Damage: High
Accuracy: Average
Recoil: Low
Magazine: Small
Reload Speed: Fast

Unlocked: level 13
Attachments: Bipod,

The Degtyarev-Pekhotny 28, or The Starship Enterprise gun – fantastic.

This machine gun is unlocked early on and is immense fun to use. The iron sights actually work well and it has sufficient power and damage to take people out behind soft cover.

The only real problem is its high rate of fire tied in with its tiny magazine as you will find yourself reloading a vast amount, so cover and a suitable pause is always needed.

The bipod attachment is a pain too, certainly in multiplayer levels with bombs to plant / detonate, as you will invariably deploy your bipod rather than plant those explosives. A real pain.

Steer clear of the bipod, but have fun taking people down from the bridge of Kirk’s mantle.