Browning M1919

Browning M1919
Fully automatic chain fed Heavy machine gun.
High power
Effective at short to medium range.

The browning is a big boys gun. From the way you hold the barrel with a rag to the way it sounds is just awesome.

After you get over the initial wow factor it is actually a very effective gun. The high power will drop a target with 1 shot. Its accurate, as long as you fire in bursts and it has a relatively large magazine. Especially good for smaller maps where there are bunched targets to be mown down.

There are some tips to using it which improve it beyond belief. As already mentioned fire in bursts whenever you can as the kick is not very consistant. You can counter snipe or really hassle enemy targets. Remembering to use its penetration and magazine size by firing through thin walls (especially rewarding).

The final beauty is to use double tap. Double tap makes the Browning ridiculously powerful. I’m not going to explain it, just try it (although I will say you will win 90% of head to heads).