M9A1 Bazooka

M9A1 Bazooka x2

The good old RPG. Standard tank killer (especially from above aimed for behind the turret at the engine bay. You will see a section blow off the tank if your on target!). Also good for taking out multiple targets.

Care must be taken when using this weapon on two accounts.

Firstly – you become encumbered when wielding the bazooka and the sluggish reactions are absolutely apparant – do not expect to be sprinting, or sneaking around. This also affects your general visibility to others (not to mention your own when hoisting and positioning the launcher). Remember that your bazooka rests on your back when not in use and care needs to be taken when seeking cover and avoiding the enemy – your rocket launcher is very often visible above your cover, giving away your position.

Secondly – a good bazooka strike will come from a position that does not draw enemy fire, from both the tank and the other enemy soldiers, this often means you are firing through a miasma of obstacles and through slight gaps in walls, terrian or rubble. The sights are clunky at best and if you miss your mark and the rocket strikes too close to your own position, you will be instantly killed and you will look foolish.

Works well with slight of hand which enables you to fire off both shots in a respectable time.

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