Cliffside Map


Cliffside Map - Call Of Duty World at War

War mode flag point names:
Mausoleum – Tomb middle of the map
Cliffs – Cliffside, north of the map
Creek – West side of the map
Bunker – North bunker by the cliffs
Waterfall – East side of the map

Very good tactical map.
Snipers play a large role in this map at either end. At the creek end run up to the top of the creek and you can snipe down the south walkway totally closing it off. Also crouching by the bunker next to the creek in the bushes is also sneeky!

Waterfall side covers itself for a sniper with just two bettys. You will be wanting to countersnipe as soon as you start as you can see the routes to these sniper positions from the opposite end of the map.

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