Resupply ‘ALL’ equipment from dead bodies (Pick up the small blue bags that are dropped).

Pro – Extra magazines.

This is a very strong perk for many reasons. It’s the new bandolier which is useful in itself. However the ability to replenish your whole armoury is its killer blow! Claymores (although you can still lay only 2 at a time), grenades (all types) and rockets! This is the Perk to have if you are getting high streaks and running low on ammo, if there are multiple enemy air supports or you are smashing your way through the map heavy handed style! With a team of two you can hold areas easily by claymoring up and just re-laying them by collecting your latest victims blue bag!

Perk/Class Combinations

Using with your anti air setup to give you a second/third shot. Likewise with grenade launchers and claymores.

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