Ascension – Zombies

Ascension – Space Centre Map

The World at War Zombie hunters are back in the first black ops DLC map, Ascension.

Point scoring
Hit – 10 points
Headshot – 100 points
Barrier Rebuild – 10 points

Centrifuge Floor 1 – Door (750)
Centrifuge Floor 2 – Door (750)
Stairwell Floor 3 / Base Level – Door (1250)
Lunar Lander B [ Б ] Access Door (1250)
Lunar Lander D [ Д ] Access Gate (1250)
Lunar Lander F [ Ф ] Access Gate (1000)
Lunar Lander F [ Ф ] Access Door (1250)
Pack-A-Punch Access Gate (1250)
Power Room Door (1000)
Power Room Gate (1250)

New Weapons
Matryoshka Doll – cluster grenade.
Gersch Device – a blackhole grenade that draws in zombies.

New Perks
PhD Flopper – Create a small explosion when diving to prone + no explosive damage
Stamin-Up – Increased Speed

The double tap root beer is removed from this map, giving 5 perk machines, only 4 can be had at one time.

Space Monkeys
Hellhounds/Weapon thief are replaced by space monkeys that attack perk machines, removing that perk from players. If no perks are stolen a new power up drops.

To open this, all lunar landers must be activated and the rocket must be launched