W1200 Shotgun

Winchester W1200 Defender

Pump action 7 shot shotgun short range.

Unlocked level 2

The winchester W1200 defender is one of only two shotguns in the COD 4 game. It is the more powerful of the two shotguns and you will find yourself dropping targets with just one shot the vast majority of the time. The pump action is reasonably quick and is even better as you can interupt the loading process to fire if needed.

It has quite a kick but by the time you have reloaded it has settled down enough and you dont find yourself being hindered unless your surrounded. However you will find this happening due to the fact you are usually playing very offensively. The grip can be used along with double tap to achieve a faster rate of fire but I feel that the perk one can be used more effectively.

The winchester can dominate confined areas and you will find many high rank players utalising its power to do just this. It can also be effective in wet works when used very agressively. You can, with a good aim and quick reactions, pretty much bank on winning one on one close range firefights.