The Skorpion

Fully automatic machine gun (pistol)

Effective at short to medium range.

The skorpion is an interesting gun to use. It has a very high rate of fire that can be devastating in confined spaces. This is made more complicated by a pitiful 20 round clip size. If you fire anything more than just quick bursts you will be reloading almost continuously.

There is one redeeming factor, and that is its accuracy.
This only became apparent after watching some of my kill cams of myself being ‘sniped’ from across the map. I was amazed to see someone with a skorpion carefully line me up in their iron sights then drop me with a couple of bursts.

I promptly checked this, finding that the skorpion has almost pinpoint accuracy and almost no recoil. After emptying the whole clip at a medium distance wall, I approached to find an extremly small cluster of bullet holes in a perfect body sized circle.

I have seen people with ACOGs with the skorpion and laughed, but I am having second thoughts now.