Long range bolt action sniper rifle.
Unlocked level 34.

The R700 is considered by many to be the finest sniper rifle in the COD game.

It is a larger calibre version of the M40A3 and is one of the most powerful sniper rifles in the COD4 game. The R700 does not quite have as deep penetration as the Barrett but makes up for this as it is noticebly more accurate. Head shots are more regular and you can clearly see why it is so popular.

All of this accuracy does mean there are some trade off’s though. The power of the bullet means that the R700 has one of the biggest kicks. This is compounded by the fact that when you reload you move away from the scope briefly so multiple shots are not really viable. This, coupled with the small four shot clip size, means you really have to use the rifles accuracy to achieve single shot kills to avoid problems.

If you can overcome these limitations you are in luck. The R700 seems the rifle of choice for many skilled snipers, as you will probably already know from the many kill cams of you having you head popped.

I personally see the choice between Barrett and R700 down to personal choice so play with both and see which feels more natural.