Fully automatic sub machine gun.
Close to medium range.
Unlocked at level 40.

The P90 had a sort of mystical quality surounding it when I first started playing COD4.
All these Americans were using this gun and seemed to be unstopable. This is, in fact, not that far from the truth. The P90 is the last submachine gun to be unlocked and the wait seems to increase its desire. It is an extremely well balance gun for many reasons.

To start with the P90 has one of, if not the, highest rates of fire of any weapon in the COD4 game. Used with double tap, the P90 becomes almost comical. This is complimented by one of the largest clip sizes and a fair reload speed. So you can have your cake and eat it by being trigger happy and not having to worry about how much lead you are spitting out.

You would think that the P90 would be comproised in other ways such as accuracy and recoil and you would be wrong. The P90 has very low recoil and what little there is, is predictable so you can counter this easily it is also very accurate out to mid range. Whilst the power of each round is not massive, it is by no means weak.

This results in a gun that is extremely easy to use and one that is effective in most situations. Generally one of best guns to use if your main tactic is rushing.

The problem with this is you sometimes feel cheated when looking at your kill cam. If you see someone has taken a brilliant shot from across the map then fair play. However if all you see is someone spraying with a P90 it can be frustrating. Now dont get me wrong, you still need skill to use the P90, just not as much thought.