Fully automatic short to medium range.

The MP44 is unlocked at level 52 and is a unique gun in several aspects. Firstly has appeared in all the previous incarnations of COD straght from the first Call Of Duty 1! It has previously been an exceptional gun and it seems to have a good following in COD4 as well. Secondly it is the only gun that has no attachments, only the iron sights and the option of red tiger.

Again this rifle was only really explored when I was doing the assault challenge as I felt the AK more to my liking. Initially it seems to be similar to the AK which is no bad thing at all, and in fact this is not that far from the truth. It has a good power level, taking down a target with, on average, only 2 shots. It has a slightly lower rate of fire than the AK though so you have to be a little more thoughtful.

Then there is the accuracy, which is interesting. Fired single shot, it is far more accurate than the AK, even coming close to the G3. However with its heavy recoil you are unable to get enough shots to really utalise this, only being able to hassle snipers or take down static targets at range. However on full auto the kick spreads your fire alot wider than the AK which can be seen as a hinderance or used to your advantage. In confined spaces you can spray a large area quickly but attempting to aim precisely is difficult and I tend to lose sight of the target. As a result, short bursts of around three shots seems to do the trick nicely for mid range targets.
Its stopping power is at least as powerful, if not more than the AK o it can really cut down targets especially short to medium range. For this reason it can be a very effective rush or runners gun as well as holding choke points to quickly clear areas of multiple targets. I personally use it in a very similar way to the AK, slowly clearing areas using the firepower it can deliver to take targets out quickly. Then push the enemy onto the retreat and keep them disorientated and falling back.

Useful Perks
Slot 1 – Bandolier, Frags
Slot 2 – Stopping Power, Double Tap
Slot 3 – Steady Aim

Useful Attachments
None Allowed!