Mini Uzi

Mini Uzi
Fully automatic Submachine gun.
Unlocked at level 13.
Short to medium range.

The unlockable gold sub machine gun.

The Uzi has an impressive rate of fire but also has a fair clip size to allow it to be used. The recoil does mean that it will need to be fired in bursts.

The recoil is in fact very predictable and if you empty a whole clip against a wall, you will see the uzi slowly climb in a perfectly straight line. This, with practice can be used to lift the Uzi for a headshot.

The bullet power is unremarkable but enough to drop targets with just a short burst. Accuracy is also good enough engage targets at medium range if required.

This gun, like the skorpion, really seems to benefit from a silencer. It reduces the recoil allowing quite long accurate bursts to be used.