Light Machine Gun
Fully automatic effective at short to medium range.
Unlock at level 19

The M60E4 is the most powerful of all of the LMG’s by quite a way. You can down targets with two or three chest shots quite easily. However it also has the lowest rate of fire so you have to make each shot count for it to be effective.

The recoil is also substantial and the handle is really needed unless you are only firing bursts. The iron sights are some of the worst in the game as they obscure most of your view. The red dot or even ACOG used with bursts therefore can be used very effectively even out to a fair distance.

It sounds like a bit of a pig to use and if im honest it is. However if your persevere with the iron sights and use the handle this can be one mean gun. If you are holding areas or corridors you can lay down massive firepower making it almost impossible for anyone to get through. Holding known routes also allows you to aim at set areas negating the poor field of vision the sights allow and just look for any movement.

Bursts still seem not only the most effective and accurate but also the most sensible, considering the super slow motion reload times. Consider using double tap as well for some interesting results but keep an eye on that clip.