Fully automatic short medium and long range.
M4 is unlocked rank 10.

The M4 appears to be a fully automatic version of the M16 in the game. It is accurate even at medium to long range and has a reasonably low recoil as well as a good healthy rate of fire. This rifle, like the M16, got overlooked the first time round, and to be honest only really got used in anger when doing the assault challenge. Initially it felt a little weak and even too versatile, leading us to think that it was a jack of all trades and master at none.

However this is the real strength of the M4 as it quite happily takes down multiple targets in confined corridors as well as picking off snipers on the other side of the map. It feels like a similar rifle in practice; the AK, but what it lacks in brute force it makes up with accuracy, rate of fire and lower kick.

When trying this gun out on different maps to see which it was most suited to I found it easily adapted to whatever style of play chosen. I can hold large areas, either sniping or counter sniping but also have the ability to strafe anyone who tries to rush past my field of view. I can also run around in corridors happily taking down shotgun totting targets.

Where the M4 really comes into its own, is by runner or rushing . Because of the adaptability of this rifle you are able to run through the map and cope with anything that is thrown at you. It will take a few more shots to down a target than the AK for example, however because of the accuracy of the M4 and its low recoil this is easier to do than the AK so overall they equal out.

Generally it takes around four body shots to down a target, which thankfully is generally over quickly due to the high rate of fire produced from the M4. Burst fire is very accurate and you can hassle snipers effectively and when you have found your mark, or when you are holding a choke point, you can open up on full auto and really deny an area completely and take total control.

The M4 really can lay down a good amount of fire which is made possible by its good clip size. I have found myself sitting back from usual choke points and just laying down almost continuous fire when I know the enemy are making a push through.

The iron sights are, for me, acceptable and do not shroud the target too much, which leaves many options. The red dot gives very good accuracy and enables quick take downs. The ACOG is another good option which can really be used very effectively with short burst fire. In fact it is an awesome combo with its low recoil, it is possible to burst targets at long range and the accuracy means your on match with a sniper.
This really is a versatile combo especially with steady aim as this covers close quarters as well.

The Grenade launcher provides the killing punch that the M4 sometimes lacks. However, I have found the silencer really compliments the rifles strength. You are able to camp down and stay in situ for some time holding a large area. Or, my favorite, run through the map taking out multiple targets in succession. You can flank or run round the rear of the enemy and pick them off one at a time with their team mates totally oblivious and still with their backs to you.

Useful Perks
Slot 1 – Bandolier, Frags
Slot 2 – Stopping Power, UAV Jammer
Slot 3 – Steady Aim, Deep Impact

Useful Attachments
Red Dot Sight, Silencer, Grenade Launcher, ACOG