M249 SAW

Squad Automatic Weapon
Light Machine Gun

The SAW is the first LMG you have access to in COD and sometimes gets over looked. It is the least powerful in terms of bullet damage but make up for this by having the highest rate of fire as well as the lowest recoil of all LMG’s. This should be utilised by being precise and aiming for head shots to take down your targets quickly. The rate of fire is very good, almost too good as you will find yourself having to reload quickly if you fire continuous fire. The reload time of the M249 is the quickest of the LMG’s but is still painfully slow when your in the thick of it. As a result of this, it seems to work best using small bursts of accurate fire and only opening up onto full auto when you are being rushed or holding an area.

The SAW also has a fair amount of recoil that will take you off aim, this can be solved by using the handle attachment which will make the recoil much more manageable. However you may wish to experiment with the ACOG or red dot sight to ensure that your accuracy is spot on.

As with all LMG’s your movement is slightly slower than with other classes so you will find yourself either holding areas or slowly making your way up the map.