3 shot burst fire, mid to long range.

This is one of the first guns you have access to in multiplayer, which means it often gets overlooked.

Unlike any other weapon it fires a three shot burst, which if well placed will take down an enemy with just one pull of the trigger. It is extreamly accurate and has little recoil, which allows for some very long range shots to be, not attempted, but consistantly made. It is possible to counter-snipe as well as hold large open sections very effectivley.

The negative of the gun is its low rate of fire. You are only able to fire the next burst after it has gone through its three burst cycle unlike the other single shot weapons which you can rattle off shots quite quickly. This means that you are weak against rush attacks or in confined spaces where the reduced fire power puts you at a disadvantage. You can over come this by remaining calm and making each shot count and relying on the power to dispatch each target in succession.

I only discovered how effective this gun is second time round when I prestiged, before i thought it was quite weak and not very impressive. After getting accustomed to its style it has become a standard in my class list. It becomes second nature to aim and hitting fast moving targets is easy by spreading the burst accross your target. You even hear some players say that this gun is too easy but I dont think this is true. It is simple to learn to use it effectively and in the right hands is deadly but it can be beaten with the right tactics.

I think either camping down in good vantage points where you can see several routes or in open clear ground is where this rifle comes into its own, waiting for targets to present themselves to you. You can also activley hunt targets at medium to long range, especially snipers. Being able to aim and fire more quickly than their scope, coupled with the ability to harass targets by laying down accurate suppressing fire means that even when your both on target you will have, or make, the advantage.

Personnaly I do not like the iron sights so opt for the red-dot sight which makes it so easy to target, if you do not mind them then a grenade launcher would assist in in the long range tactics so suited to this rifle. Other options are to use the ACOG sight to really use the range and accuracy of the gun effectivly and become a moving sniper or sniper hunter.

I myself have been the target of this many times and it can be very frustrating, although it does limit the field of view so can be rushed more easily. The silencer is another well suited option which allows you to camp or hold position for longer before being noticed and rushed.

Useful Perks
Slot 1 – Bandolier, Claymores
Slot 2 – Stopping Power, Double Tap
Slot 3 – Deep Impact

Useful Attachments
Red Dot Sight, Silencer, ACOG