M1014 Shotgun

M1014 – Benelli M4 Super 90

Fully automatic shotgun short range.

Unlocked level 31

The M1014 shotgun is quite a piece of kit indeed. It is fully automatic and can rattle off shots as fast as you can squeeze that trigger. This can result in some pretty satisfying room clearing moments.

However, theres just one small snag which is its four shot clip size. Yes you heard correctly, a measly four shots means you will be reloading almost continuously. This is the trade off, as with a full clip this shotgun can be unstopable.

Whilst not quite as powerful as the Winchester, it is still capable of dropping targets with one shot. With a little skill this should not be a problem and headshots will become second nature. Once this is mastered you can take on hoards of targets safe in the knowledge that you will either come out the other side or inflict some serious damage.