Fully automatic, effective at short medium or long range.

The G36c is one of the most well balanced rifles in the game. It has the power to drop targets with two or three rounds and very manageable recoil which barely takes you off target. It is accurate to as far as you can see and has a good rate of fire to back this all up.

It seems to be an accurate man’s AK, able to be used very offensively, replacing the AK’s brute force with pinpoint accuracy. Burst fire is extremely precise and you can pretty much guarantee that when you have target in you sights it is as good as down. When you enter into a medium range fire fight with a good aim you will come out on top the vast majority of the time.

The good rate of fire can be put to use either in close quarters which is strong with a quick aim or, more effectively, by saturating areas with accurate fire either taking down multiple targets or denying whole routes. It also makes dispatching targets extreamly quick and juggernauts are satisfyingly easy.

The low recoil and accuracy means that distant targets can be realistically taken on, although not as dedicatedly as the G3. It seems that it is at a little distance that this rifle is most effective. Its has the ability to get its hands dirty up close but really excels at taking out targets with almost clinical accuracy. From a good vantage point or in open space you can totally dominate an area and drop targets as quickly as you see them.

The iron sights are a little obstructive so to get the full potential out of this accurate gun, the red dot sight is a good choice. It allows you to clearly see your targets, adjust for any recoil and also prepare for the next potential target. The G36 has enough power and high enough rate of fire to still be effective with the silencer and can in fact still take down targets.

Useful Perks
Slot 1 – Bandolier, Frags
Slot 2 – Stopping Power, UAV Jammer
Slot 3 – Steady Aim, Deep Impact

Useful Attachments
Red Dot Sight, Silencer